USMC Support Facility, Blount Island, FL

Entry Control Facilities & Design/Build Services: CCTV & Security Systems


Design/Build Replacement of existing gate structures at both the rear and main entrances and installation of cable-reinforced security fencing in the vicinity of the new, canopied gate locations. The old gatehouses will be demolished and new, hardened gatehouses will be constructed at both entrances. A new Pass and ID Office with parking will be constructed at the main entrance location outside of the secured installation perimeter. A new automatic sliding gate will be installed at the perimeter at both entry control point locations and a new base identification sign. Design and installation includes all necessary barrier, utilities and services. The new gatehouse surveillance system features included an intrusion detection system (IDS) with panic/base-wide duress activation alarm system, a closed circuit television (CCTV) system, and a local area network (LAN) complete with a hardened backup generator at each gate location. Various security upgrades within the project includes the electrical installation of lighting along Channel View Blvd., new automatic sliding gates at the installation perimeter at both entry control point (ECP) locations, new gates at the railroad tracks of each entrance, and the reinforcement of the security fence along the existing perimeter. Due to critical nature of maintaining security relative to the disruption associated with gate and security fence removals, the construction project was completed while the current facilities remained operational during the construction on the new entry control facilities.



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Feb 29, 2008 – Aug 28, 2009



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