Merritt Pump Station, Southern Golden Gate Estates, Florida

Construction Services for Everglades & Picayune Restoration

Project Description

The Picayune Strand Restoration Project, Merritt Pump Station and Levees, Canals and Roads (referred to Project) is part of the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP). The Project will help to restore the area known formerly as the Southern Golden Gate Estates to its pre-drainage hydrology and ecology, generating positive effects on the hydrology, vegetation and wildlife of the Project area and surrounding public lands. The Project consists of a pump station, tie-back levees, spreader berms and canal plugs which will slow water flowing through existing canals and redistribute it across the landscape.

The construction of the Pump Station, which shall have 2-75 cfs pumps and 4-220 cfs pumps, for a firm capacity of 810 cfs and 6 bays.

Mechanical equipment will include diesel engine and electric motor driven pumps, traveling trash rakes, bridge cranes, standby diesel generators, vacuum priming systems, HVAC equipment, cooling water pumps, fresh water pumps, water treatment equipment, lubricating water equipment, potable water equipment, and other miscellaneous mechanical equipment.

Electrical and Instrumentation equipment will include station power distribution systems, station switchgear, motor control centers, local and station programmable logic controllers to control and monitor all ancillary mechanical equipment, grounding cable system, lighting, Control Room Operator Work Station with monitoring and control computers, uninterrupted power service equipment, remote terminal unit system, all supporting switches, wiring, conduits, junction boxes, etc. to interconnect with equipment for control and monitoring.

The Contractor shall furnish and install an 80 foot radio antenna tower. The Contractor shall provide and install the antennas and Remote Terminal Units at the pump station.

Construction of the station will include excavation, station substructure, backfill, fully enclosed buildings for the equipment, access bridges, fuel storage areas with containment and all associated equipment, sanitary facility, approach and discharge canals, retaining walls, trash racks and related civil work.

The work will also include the pumping stations; approach and discharge canals. Contractor shall construct tie-back levees, spreader berms and canal plugs. Construction also includes temporary access from I-75.



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